April/May 2020 Love Goodly Box

The April/May Love Goodly box is in and we couldn't be happier with whats inside! From beauty products to new tea options for our cupboard there is surely something for everyone in these amazing boxes! And don't forget that each box helps benefit a good cause and this bimonthly installation benefited Farmsanctuary

- Lip Whip in either Truth Cocoa Pink Yarrow or mystery Burgundy Anise Lip Whip

Naturally colored and flavored lip whips for a hint of color, shimmer and moisture to protect lips year round. The unique blend of luxurious cocoa butter and moringa penetrate deeply into the skin and replenish nutrients. nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free.

About True Moringa

In 2011, the founder were frustrated by the disconnect between the academic literature and the realities of poverty on the ground while pursuing their individual studies. Coming from different worlds and backgrounds, they traveled to northern Ghana together with MIT’s D-Lab. There, they were united by a desire to take on the challenges smallholder farmers face daily without access to patient capital, quality inputs, technical training, or guaranteed markets.

The more they learned about the harmful chemicals in synthetic cosmetics and hair relaxers, the more passionate they became about bringing conscious consumers a natural alternative that actually worked. Putting their engineering and business acumen to work, they went back to Cambridge to devise a proprietary extraction system that could be brought closer to the farmers, adding value and jobs on the ground, and producing the highest quality natural oil nature has to offer.

- Tea Drop Samplers

Tea Drops unlike tea bags are produced with genuine tea leaves that are delicately ground. Nothing freeze dried, no extraction process, just delicious and genuine tea. That is why you may notice tea sediment at the bottom of the cup when drinking. Lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

About Tea Drops

When you buy Tea Drops you support organic production, fair trade wages, clean water aid, and American made. Tea Drops was founded in 2015 by a woman who leads her innovative tea company with the mission to inspire human connection through tea magic. Making an assortment of organic dissolvable teas, Tea Drops sheds about 20% less waste than traditional tea bag packaging.

- Lash and Brow Serum

This unique eye friendly entirely organic serum reminds us to take care of our delicate lashes which get such harsh abuse from most mascaras, eye makeup, and brow products. Formulated to help restore their follicles, give them a boost of vitamins and minerals to help improve their condition, and encourage growing new hairs. The 3 key ingredients are organic castor oil, organic argon oil, and organic lavender essential oil. Nontoxic, vegan, organic, cruelty free.

About La Bloom

The founder Diana has been passionate about natural beauty and health ever since being a little girl. Having been raised in Poland for part of her early childhood, she would gather herbs with her grandmother on their farmland; this is where her curiosity for natural remedies began. As her love for Naturopathy grew, Diana pursued and received a degree specializing in Naturopathic Medicine in London.

In 2018 Diana saw a gap in the beauty market, specifically around the need to create all-natural and unique beauty essentials. Shortly later, La Bloom Beauty was born, driving her to create products that women could use daily that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, effective and unique! After having her products featured in Vogue UK and Nailpro Magazine, her mission is to continually produce products for women who don’t want to sacrifice their health for beauty.

- Formula N9 Moonstone Perfume

Enjoy this full size perfume from Baiser Beauty, focused on healing with stones and aromatherapy. This formula was created to repel bad energy, leading to a state of inner peace. It includes a rose quartz inside that helps you get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty. Balances emotions, and carries feminine energy of compassion and nourishment. Ingredients Bergamot Coriander Neroli essential oil Jasmine blend Rose essential oil Jojoba oil Rose quartz. Nontoxic, Vegan, cruelty free certified, handcrafted.

About Baiser Beauty

The Baiser Beauty movement is to empower others to embrace their natural essence. The real beauty secret lies in each persons unique nature. Their purpose is to create and harmonize a flow between the physical and spiritual world. While honoring their ancestors and their Mayan heritage they focus on healing with stones and aromatherapy to nourish the skin. From every plant to every soul, they believe we are connected. Incorporating Mayan Medicine is a way they respect nature and connect with the rest of the planet.

You can sign up for your very own Love Goodly Box here

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