Love Goodly Box December/January + February/March 2020

The December/January 2020 Love Goodly Box is here and was filled with some incredible beauty products we can get behind! This box really had some awesome essentials that work for anyone. And we can't forget to mention this box supported Farmsanctuary

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First we had the Rejuvenating Face Mask from Glaminizer

Glaminizer is all about making high end cosmetics more affordable. The owner Stephanie was a young freelance makeup artist and was either pinching pennies for new expensive makeup or trying to buy cheap products that ended up not working when she had the idea to create them herself! Before she knew it she had a deep passion for creating vegan, cruelty-free products and helping change people's skin for the better!

Glaminizer is proud to own a business that is completely run and directed by women. They stand by embracing women of every complexion and making their website/events a place for everyone to feel loved and accepted.

Every product that they create is and will always be... Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Dye-Free, Paraben Free, and Eco-Conscious!

Rejuvenating Face Mask

This calming, relaxing blend of essential oils soothes you within seconds of breathing in this aromatherapy oil. Infused with energetically charged Amethyst, Serenity includes Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, & Eucalyptus for a well-rounded, soothing blend that can allow your mind to center in tranquility. All pure ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Bud. Cruelty free, vegan and nontoxic.​

Next was the incredible Lucky Star Blemish Patches and Caffeinated Eye Cream Serum from Paradox

Paradox is a beauty brand with environmental and social responsibility at its core. They are committed to limiting their impact on the environment, as well as taking responsibility for the education of consumers and other beauty brands on

how they can reduce their environmental impact.

Their entire haircare collection is 90% plastic-free and are working towards removing the labels from their products to reduce their plastic usage further. They use aluminium packaging at an additional cost to themselves to help fight the war against plastic waste and specifically to reduce the amount of plastic reaching landfill and their oceans. It is much more eco-friendly. It can be infinitely recycled without losing its form and grading (unlike plastic), and it lends itself to being reused as it doesn't degrade over time. Shampoo and conditioner eco-refills will be available from mid-2020 to further reduce their environmental impact and are committed to never using aerosols in their product offering. Choosing aluminium over plastic is a more expensive option but believe it was the only option as recycling plastic or using recycled plastic just isn't enough to protect their environment. Their company is a member of 1% For The Planet which donates 1% of their annual revenue to environmental causes to help counterbalance their impact on the environment.

Lucky Star Blemish Patches

Our Lucky Star Blemish Patches™ are packed with ingredients that help to rapidly heal blemishes while also reducing the potential for scarring by using powerful natural antimicrobial ingredients including tea tree oil. (Cruelty free Leaping Bunny certified, vegan - peta vegan certified, toxin free, gluten free, alcohol free, no synthetic fragrances, no parabens, no phthalates, no PEGS

Caffeinated Eye Cream Serum

An innovative eye cream serum that packs a powerful punch by tackling, brightening, tightening, hydrating, and depuffing - naturally. The Caffeinated Eye Serum features superhero ingredients, caffeine and green tea for a brightening effect couples with a powerful botanical blend specifically created to nourish and soothe the under-eye area. Leaping Bunny and PETA certified cruelty free and vegan + nontoxic eco-certified ingredients

Finally we had the amazing Maracuja Oil Mascara in Blackberry or Dark Chocolate from 100% Pure

100% PURE™ makes all their products with 100% pure ingredients. 100% PURE™ has a commitment to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone on why being 100% PURE™ is so important. They strive to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to their global community.

Maracuja Oil Mascara in Blackberry or Dark Chocolate

We're all for trying new things, and it's time to try something other than black mascara! Darken and lengthen your lashes in blackberry or dark chocolate. Featuring Maracuja oil which is rich in linoleic acid to moisturize lashes, and volumize. The pure scents are so AMAZING. Cruelty free, vegan and nontoxic

We got our February/March 2020 Love Goodly Box as well and we are in love! This installment was packed with some amazing skin care products that we can't get enough of. And we have to mention that this box truly speaks to us as it supported the Impact Fashion Show.

Go to to sign up for their boxes to get the next amazing box!

This box was all about Sylveco and their incredible skin care products

Sylveco is a highly regarded polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics, using only natural raw materials without chemical processing. The formulas for these cosmetics are developed mostly for a special group of consumers battling various skin problems as well as those with sensitive skin. We are very proud to introduce these quality ecological derma cosmetics to the American market.

Sylveco is a family-owned and managed natural skincare company specializing in products that combine top-quality dermo-cosmetic agents with traditional Polish-grown herbal ingredients

Rosadia - Brightening Day Cream

Radiance boosting daytime moisturizer for the daily care of sensitive skin. Containing vitamin E and nourishing grapeseed, sunflower and jojoba oils. Rose-hip oil stimulates cellular regeneration. Damask rose oil stimulated the production of collagen. Use on clean toned skin. Nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free.

Rosadia Face Serum

Lightweight moisturizing serum for all skin types especially sensitive. Active nourishing ingredients include grapes (seed oil), rose-hip (seed oil), Damask rose (pure essential oil), vitamin E, lavender (pure essential oil). Apply 2-3 drops to clean skin. For best results use in combination with Day or Night cream. Nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free.

Rosadia Nourishing Night Cream

Intensive nighttime care for sensitive skin formulated with Damask rose essential water for maximum hydration. It contains hyaluronic acid to boost elasticity as well as vitamin E and Damask rose oil to protect the skin. Includes grapeseed, jojoba, evening primrose and argan oils. Nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free.

Duetus Face Mask

Treat your skin with this face mask for combination skin. Formulated with hemp oil, activated charcoal and green clay to remove dirt. Salycilic acid strips away dead skin cells. Apply an even layer avoiding eye area. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with cool water. Nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free

With all the incredible treats Love Goodly is including in their boxes it is a great time to get a subscription started!

Stop by today and sign up!

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