How To Throw A Swishing Party

With the beginning of the school year comes school clothing shopping. Why not start a new tradition that is environmentally friendlier than buying new clothes? The average household wears less than 30% of what they own, and because of this a new kind of party was invented called Swishing. Swishing is great for the planet because it helps cut back on textiles ending up in the landfill. When clothing rots down, it creates methane, a damaging greenhouse gas. Unlike a makeup party, a swishing party requires no money. Swishing is a way to clear out and get a whole new wardrobe without spending any money. The idea is to get friends together to swap clothing, accessories, and shoes.

A swishing party can be a great way to not only get a new wardrobe, but you could also meet some new friends as swishing is a very social activity. When planning a swishing party, the first thing is to decide who to invite. The more you invite, the more clothing options there will be. You can invite friends, family, schoolmates, friends from church, or friends from your social groups, (i.e. girl scouts and 4-H). You will also want to decide on a place to hold the party. If your home has enough space, then a home party is a great idea. If not, asking a friend with a large space or a community space works great as well. Next, you will want to choose a date and time to hold this party. Pick a time that works for most people, depending on the time of the year.

There are three different ways you can organize a swishing party. One is simple swishing. This is when you ask everyone to bring any items they no longer want. Neatly display the items and ask your guests to browse and choose as many items as they like. Another option would be the specific swishing party. At this party, you ask your guest to bring a specific type of item, e.g. party dresses, suits, jeans, shirts, accessories or shoes. The last option would be the special swishing party. At this type of party, you ask your guest to bring at least one high quality item. For each item they bring, you give them a token. Allow the guests to browse and when they choose an item, they pay one token for it.

A few tips to help make your swishing party a great success would be to make sure there is a mirror and changing area for your guests. Ask everyone to bring an accessory also that requires no size. That way a guest who may not be able to find an item that fits can always find a nice necklace or a great scarf. Set ground rules at the beginning of the party. Ask your guests to be polite and that items are first come, first serve. Having a few snacks and drinks available for your guests is also a good idea.

The possibilities are endless as to what kind and how many swishing parties you can hold. Not only will you find an endless supply of outfits, but what a fun way to help our Mother Earth.

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