Refurbishing Project

It has been a very busy month for The Green Prom Movement! Back in the spring we were awarded a Seed Grant from Volunteer Kansas to go towards our refurbishing project. The refurbishing project is a year long process that our dresses go through to prepare them for our new prom year. All new dresses that were donated during the year are thoroughly checked over, cleaned, sorted and set for the mending or redesign it may need. We have dresses that may need a few beads reattached to the dress or some that need new zippers. On occasions we even receive dresses in need of a full make over.

This year with the help of the Junior Judgers 4-H club, our GPM High School advisory board, and at home volunteers from all over the great state of Kansas, many of our dresses were given that little touch they needed to make them ready for their next adventure!

We held a refurb project on July 26 at Celebration Hall in Ottawa, Kansas. There the Junior Judgers 4-H club along with our High School advisory board and Fashion interns joined together and fixed, inventoried, and redesigned 50 dresses! Young and old were in attendance and helped bride the gap between generations as everyone helped with the project. It was a great way to share already known sewing skills and possibly learn new ones.

After the event a photo shoot was held in the park in Lawrence, Kansas. It was a hot day but a successful day. Many of our dresses were photographed and made ready to be displayed on our website as the new collection will be aired soon. We still have many dresses that are being prepared and another photo shoot to be scheduled for December! Contact us if you are interested!

We would like to thank every one who helped us out so far. We think this year is going to be even better than last. Be sure to check out our video, highlighting all that our refurb project has done so far. You can also find it on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel.

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