Stop and take a look in your closet. Look closely at each piece of clothing you own. Are there pieces you wonder when was the last time I wore that? How many times have you worn each piece of clothing you own? Now days we have a bad habit of buying something and only wearing it once. Have you thought how much time, energy and resources go into that piece of clothing?

Recently a fashion designer, Livia Firth attacked what is known today as “Throwaway fashion”. (throwaway fashion is defined as something you would wear only once or only a few times.) Her goal for each of us is when purchasing clothing to ask yourself, “Will I wear this 30 time?” (#30 wears). If so of course purchase. If not, then think twice. Are there other ways to use that item? Can you pass it on to others for more use, or just pass on the purchase.

At the Green Prom Movement we embrace this way of thinking. We track the many uses of our dresses. This is why we encourage you to respect the dress and donate back. Every time a dress is worn its carbon footprint becomes less and less. Our goal is for all our dresses to be worn #30 times, but that can only happen if you remember to donate back.

When you donate back not only does that give a dress another wear towards that #30 but it also helps with The Green Prom Movement keeping our services free. A lot of time and money goes into each dress and when that dress is brought back that time and money is brought back to our organization. When a dress is not brought back that time and money leaves us before it can meets its full potential.

With a new school year getting ready to kick off we encourage you to think before you buy. Will you wear that outfit #30 times? Can you find other ways to use it when you are finished wearing it? Could you donate it for others to use? Lets keep our earth green and find positive and conservative ways to shop.

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