Respect the Dress: Behind the Scenes


Many times when we explain what we do we usually get the same response, so you collect and hand out dresses? Yes, but no, we do so much more than just collecting and handing out dresses. So for this blog we are going to give you a back stage pass into what a dress goes through before it can even be put out there to be used.

Many prom closets just collect dresses and hand them out. Many of those dresses end up having broken zippers, stains, rips, shredded hems, smell funny, or are very outdated. When a girl receives a less than perfect dress they may not know how or have the resources to mend and clean that dress. Which means a girl then has to wear a dress that may make her feel subpar to the girls who are in brand new designer dresses. This is were The Green Prom Movement is different from other prom closet. When a dress leaves us our goal is to make that dress in like-new condition.

There is a lot of time and money that is invested in each dress. When a dress is brought in it goes through a thorough inspection. All dresses are either professionally cleaned or machine washed if it is machine wash friendly. It is then checked over to make sure the zippers, clips, clasps, buttons are all in working order. The material is check to see if it is in need of mending. Some dresses we have to be very creative with to cover stains, snags and blemishes. Clips, beading, and appliqués are used to cover up most. We have also changed the length of the dress to remove bad material. If a dress is completely out of style it is sent to one of our fashion student volunteers to be refurbished and redesigned. Once the dress is made and fixed to like new standards each dress is inventoried and all expenses spent on that dress are documented. On average a dress can at the lowest cost $5 to as high as $50 to get it ready for the next girl.

At The Green Prom Movement we are all about respecting the dress. We do our part to respect the dress that is donated to us and we hope that those who use our services do their part by donating the dress back. Every time the dress is used means its carbon footprint is reduced. As you can see we are so much more than just an organization that collects a bunch of dresses and hands them out.

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