A Prom that almost wasn't

Recently a local non-profit organization was asked to help fulfill a special request. Two Ottawa high school students were recently visited by The Green Prom Movement (GPM), a foundation available to help girls go green for prom, while also being wallet friendly. After a very successful Fashion Show and Boutique held by the GPM in Ottawa, word soon got around and the GPM received a message from a sweet grandmother asking for our assistance.

The Green Prom Movement was called upon to help a young high school girl find a dress to fit her needs for Prom. The dilemma? She was bound to her wheelchair. However; this didn’t stop the foundation from finding her a beautiful gown. The GPM makes sure all of their dresses are clean, mended and ready for their special night. For this young lady, The GPM went above that service by coming in and personally fitting a dress for her needs. During her appointment several dresses were tried on but when she tried on her dress, she couldn’t stop smiling. The GPM finished the appointment by altering the dress to fit her shoulders and wheelchair.

Picking a prom dress to suit a wheelchair is much different than choosing a dress for any other girl. The length of the dress comes into factor, wheels need to be considered as a dress can easily get tangled up and tear. A person in a wheel chair is also sitting on their dress the whole night, so finding a dress that is easily moveable which comfortable fabric is a must.

Not only was the young lady helped but local businesses came together to help her date, who is also confined to a wheel chair. The GPM worked with Prairie Rose in Ottawa and their Tux representative from Jim’s Formal to find the special tux needed for the young man. A tux was generously donated to have special alterations done to help with comfort and fit.

With a little bit of work and mainly some amazing people working together a chance at prom was brought to two young people who may not have had a chance to attend this special day.

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