GPM is Mobile

The Green Prom Movement is happy to announce that we are now mobile with a new van!

This van will be used to transport our dresses to fashion shows, boutiques, photo shoots and appointments. The ability to bring a large selection of dresses in an array of styles will truly be a unique mobile boutique experience for each girl's appointment.

With our mobility, we will be able to expand our locations for photo shoots and in the long run curb expenses. Renting a vehicle for all our events and appointments adds up quickly! But with the freedom of ownership come some expenses like insurance, maintenance, tags and fuel. This is where you can provide some assistance to our cause. With your generous donation you could sponsor a van part. We are "parting out" our van right down to the smallest item, like a tail light, to the transmission. By sponsoring a "part" of our van you are helping to ensure girls will get to experience a one-of-a-kind green prom. Click here to see what part you can play in our worthwhile fundraiser.

Another fundraising event we are having on April 23rd at 4 pm is an adult bingo at Hamburger Mary’s at 3700 Broadway Blvd in Kansas City, MO. There will be prizes from local Kansas City businesses along with delicious food, tasty spirits, and cheeky adult humor.

We are always happy to welcome new corporate sponsorships or business sponsorships.

These sponsorships come with advertisement privileges. If your company is interested in partnering with us please contact us personally for more information.

GPM will continue to roll on to serve more deserving young women in style, with beautiful dresses, and with the lavish support of our friends! Thank you!

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