Final Fashion Fantasy

Calling all gamers and fashionistas! There has been a breakthrough in the world of designer, name-brand clothing and the pixel world of Final Fantasy. Lighting, the game's heroine, was programmed modelling the new line from Louis Vuitton and even giving interveiws about it.

Article author Teddy Dief, a video game designer himself, explains why this is such an exciting developement for both industries involved.

"Even if they're mistaken about your fashion interests, Square and Louis Vuitton have already taken the first step toward merging our worlds. International fashionistas have just been introduced to a game series I used to play on Saturday nights in high school instead of talking to girls at school dances."

Dief notes that there are several other perks to this partnership, aside from this merge. If fashion designers and programmers are already working together, what could stop video games from making the character "armor" actual clothing you can go and buy after you play it?

Another reason that this is such a breakthrough, is it targets an audience that was before thought of as a rare breed; the female gamer. With characters like Lightning, and Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider franchise, (along with other games where you can choose your character's gender, like Drangon Age) women are quickly being recognized as another target audience for video game marketing. And if this merge between fashion and the digital world keeps growing, then the partnership might even get different kinds of girls more interested in the world of gaming.

Lots of videogames have taken into account the need for personalization by giving the player multiple clothing options that also links to health stats, armor, agility and the like. The fact that designers are now communicating with programers to consider expanding their brands, means that avenue of choice is just getting wider, and will be sure to be a win-win for both industries.

To read Dief's full article, follow the link below:

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