Dress Shirt Pillowcase

Straight from one of our dress designers to you comes this creative idea for a pillowcase. If you have a favorite dress shirt that your dad, brother or boyfriend no longer wears, you can follow these simple steps to revamp your home decor. Or, if you're just a fashion lover, go to a thrift shop or nonprofit and hunt around for dress shirts that jump out at you and use them to redo every pillow you own. This will make sure that your furnishings are just as well dressed as you are.

1. To start, you need a ruler, yardstick or tape measure, a washable marker (or chalk if the shirt is of dark colored fabric) scissors, either a needle and thread or your sewing machine and thread, straight pins and of course, a button shirt and a pillow. Make sure your button down shirt has been washed and dried, all of the buttons are done, and press the shirt with an iron if needed.

2. Measure the pillow, add at least one or two inches to the length and the width measurements.

3. Next, mark these dimensions out on the shirt with the washable marker (or chalk).

4. Pin layers together for ease in cutting both layers at once.

5. Cut through both layers of the shirt. Unpin and flip both of the cut fabric pieces over so right sides are facing each other and re- pin to hold them together.

6. Sew approximately ½ inch or ¼ inch from the cut edges.

7. Once sewn, clip the corners off.

8. Now, unbutton the shirt and insert pillow. If the pillow case is too loose, top stich around the pillow for a more fitted look.

9. Turn the pillow right-side-out and insert the pillow into its new cover.

10. And all that's left is to put it on your favorite seat and enjoy!

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