New Life, Old Sweater

We all know that winter is tough on our sweaters. They get stained, misshapened, and snagged, which is enough for us to retire even our favorite knitwear pieces. But that doesn't mean you have to banish them to the landfill for good! Instead, just turn them into a cozy bed for your favorite small pet. If you don't own a small animal but you are a crafty person (or you have a lot of sweaters looking to retire) then you can always donate them to your local humane society. Below is a demo by Tatiana Ambrose on how to rejuvenate your knits. You don't necessarily need to buy fiber fill from a store; just stuff your bed with other clothes that are too worn to wear anymore, if you have them. If you aren't a sweater-wearing type of person, that's ok too. Just use an older long-sleeve T shirt or sweatshirt instead.

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