National Youth Activist Awards

Last Tuesday, our founder, Tobie Roberts, and Michelle Roberts traveled to Tennessee to be apart of the National Youth Activist Awards Banquet and Ceremony. The Green Prom Movement was a nominee for The Enviornmental Impact Award. At the end of the ceremony the individual winners for each category were announced. We are pleased to announce that the group of judges thought that The Green Prom Movement Foundation was a very innovative way of preserving the environment and applauded us for our work as an organization! We were awarded the Enviornmental Impact Award for the 2015 National Youth Activist Awards and are greatly appreciative for this honor! Tobie Roberts gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the GPM and gave multiple interviews on the Red Carpet about our organization. We would just like t thank all of you for the support, donations, and for believing in us! We wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you!

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