Photo Perfect

Well, let's get started with all the thank you's and big appreciations with rounds of applause! First off, these four models worked their little butts off as they posed in these amazing gowns in 20 degree weather. A task that is harder than it looks! Not only did they volunteer their time to model for us, but they also were so humble and sweet the whole time! I heard absolutely zero complaints and it just made everything so much better!

Next, to our photographer! He was the greatest guy we could have recruited to help us! He also donated his time to spend snapping pictures when he could have been doing so much more with his day that probably involved heat. He is an amazing photographer and an absolutely fantastic individual who has given this organization so much and has supported us the whole way!

With the wrap up of the photoshoot, I could officially finish the website and bring to life all the amazing gowns we have to offer! We have another photoshoot coming soon, and if anyone is interested in either donating a dress or modeling, please shoot a message to us through the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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