Why Donate?

All girl's fall in love with their prom dress, wear it for one magical night, and then what? Usually it goes back into your closet and stays there and is never used again. But, what if you could give a new life to your dress? There are girls all over the United States that don't have the means to go to prom let alone buy an amazing dress to feel special in.

With the help of your donation, you can give a girl somewhere in the United States a dress for free. You can help give a girl one night where they feel beautiful and special.

BUT: what about the environment?! Prom dresses are made from synthetic material, which means it takes intense chemicals to make the materials for these dresses. These chemicals release poisonous gases into the air and destroy the ozone. So, buy reusing a prom dress more than once the carbon footprint of that dress is lowered. Just as simple as that!

So, even if you are just considering donating, send us a message! We are here to help you in making the decision and see if donating is something you want to do!

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